RICHKO serves as one of the leading Customs House Clearing company. Believing and focusing on speedy clearance, the import and export activities of shipping involves compulsory paper works with solid commitment, the essentialities of pre-preparation and documentation along with judgmental timing are well taken care of. We are always on our toes and abide to remain geared up to fulfill all the mandatory requirements of shipment clearance.

We are committed to give right advice, and execute the assigned works efficiently. Our staff team will take full and complete responsibility of all import and export deadlines. Services include: Prior Customs Clearance arrangements of sensitive equipment’s, Duty and Tax assessment, Goods / Items Classification, Maintenance of record of Temporary import procedures & further re-exports, Permanent import/export procedures of commercial shipments, Consultancy Services, Import export formalities, Inland transportation arrangements, Classification of imported goods and customs duty estimates, Customs entry and processing, Preparation and processing for customs bond, Landed cost calculation, Arrangements of customs processing &sealing of containers at Dry/sea/airports, Special shipping rates to all destination of the world.